Moving Images 2019 SP W03

Assignment 2.0

Based on Week 1 and Week 2 tutorials, create a diagrammatic communication video which has both exploded axonometric and cutaway with details.  Approximately 60 seconds.

Send process video to Yo by Friday.

Assignment 2.1 City Vibe

Go to Downtown LA, and shoot 20 short videos (10-20 seconds) on your phone.

  • Grand Central Market
  • The last book store
  • Arts district
  • The broad
  • Disney Concert Hall
  • ROW LA

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere

  • Interface basics
  • Importing footage
  • Understand music and add markers/show waveform
  • Title and background blurring effect
  • Cutting Video to beats
  • Color correction with “Color Workspace” and “Basic Correction/Creative”

Color Corrections


Pixar’s Storyboarding Process


  • Real video footage
  • 2D After Effects
  • Keyshot Axo
  • Still Renders
  • Flythuru / Walkthuru


  • Concept
  • Site
  • Brand
  • Axonometric / Diagram
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Detail



Assignment 3.0

Create 2-minute lifestyle movie for DTLA.  Post the video on Vimeo.

Assignment 3.1

Create a storyboard (20 frames) for your first video package 2:30 long

Assignment 3.2

Start producing assets for your first video