Moving Images 2019 SP W02


Assignment 1.0 – Diagrammatic Program Movie

Create a 30-second movie about your previous project.  Show the overall program of your project using Keyshot animation.  The animation should be properly captioned.


Assignment 1.2 –Movie Analysis

Pick a video from Brooklyn Digital Foundry’s Vimeo page, and do an analysis using a storyboard template.


  • Scene Breakdown
  • Analysis of each scene – What the movie is trying to communicate
  • Analysis of diagrams
  • Analysis of each flythuru scene
  • Use of scale figures
  • Music

Spatial Dioramas


Keyshot  Cut Aways

Download Rhino File here

  • Open Rhino File
  • Setup Cutaway volume
  • Open it on Keyshot
  • Assign Materials to layers
  • Setup Cutaway Material as cutaway / Caps Style / Color

  • Animate Cutaway object as Transition
  • Animate camera Orbit and Transition for half turn and center camera

Download Keyshot Movie here


Mt. Mograph Motion 2


download motion 2

  • preferences / general / allow scripts to write files and access network
  • Window / Motion 2

After Effects

  • Import Keyshot Video
  • Cut and Edit the video
  • layer / time stretch / reverse / freeze frame
  • Creating a composition for minimum text
    • Create a text
    • Create a mask
    • Use Mt. Mograph Motion 2 to create easy ease @70
  • Dropping the text onto the main composition
  • Adjust location
  • Add music
  • Create keyframe for music fade out
  • Render main composition using Adobe Media Encorder
  • H.264 / Mobile Device 720p HD

Assignment 2.0

Based on Week 1 and Week 2 tutorials, create a diagrammatic communication video which has both exploded axonometric and cutaway with details.  Approximately 60 seconds.

Send process video to Yo by Friday.

Assignment 2.1 City Vibe

Go to Downtown LA, and shoot 20 short videos (10-20 seconds) on your phone.

  • Grand Central Market
  • The last book store
  • Arts district
  • The broad
  • Disney Concert Hall
  • ROW LA