RI SM2019 Week04B

Student Presentation

Assignment 4.0 Flower Vase Design

  • Sketch and develop flower vase design.
  • 3D model it on Rhino.
  • Render a few views and upload them on the website.


3D Printing Checklist


Objects cannot be self-intersecting.  Use “ClippingPlane” tool to check

Open Object

Objects must be Closed Polysrf.  Make sure the object is closed.

If the object is open

  1. “Cap” command
  2. “ShowEdges” command and show naked edge
  3. “Patch” or “Loft” command to close open edge
  4. Make sure the object is “Closed Polysurface” on Property tab

“ExportSelected” as .STL file


Send a file to 3D Hubs

Rhino: Twisted Vase



Rhino: FlowAlongSrf

Rhino:  ApplyCrv



Assignment 5.0 3D Printed Vase

Due W6a Monday