Yoon Bo Sung RI

Final Homestate / Taco Board

give enjoyment/ emotional environment to Taco eaters though canopy and furniture.

Rythmic, Flow, Modern

sitting positions gradually changes to leaning, laying down on sofas.

Colors are from Taco ingredients- cheese, guacumole, tomato…

I redesign furnitures for this restuarant design

Detail shots of furniture

Week Vase 3d printing


Week Furniture 3 variations

Stool and Seat

Lounge- Rebuilt

Week Furniture





Week Vase

Vase sketch


Vase rendering

Week Bus Stop Final

Bus Stop Rendering





Bust stop development sketch

Week 4-  Bus Stop Ideation


WEEK 3 – Trophy Design



WEEK 2 – three products

WEEK 1- 5 products

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