DPD FA 2019 W13

Course Evaluation

DPD Final Deliverables


A. Presentation slide


A-1. Concept

This part should be edited from the midterm.  Your project has evolved in a different direction.  Also, you have a lot more design contents.  A ratio of concept to design is about 30/70%.

    • Theme research
    • Precedents
    • Target user / Brand / Existing condition analysis
    • Site research
    • Concept
      • Think really deep about what is different about your project from existing projects.
    • Diagrams

A-2. Design

The rule for design presentation is about going from general to specific  / outside to inside.  Also, it is extremely important to have a link between your concept and how your design is solving the issues.

    • Programmatic and circulation diagram
    • Plan and Section (perspective)
    • Exterior view
    • Form concept diagram
    • Interior views (design story / hero’s journey)
    • Materials
    • Furniture and fixtures


B. Physical Model


C.  Final Board

Main Board 30×40″

  • Design story
    • Theme research
    • Brand analysis
    • Site research
    • Diagrams
  • Design
    • Program Diagram
    • Section Perspective
    • Renderings in narrative format (Placeholders ok)

Sub Board 16×40″

  • Materials
  • Furniture / Fixtures
  • Design Process (sketches/study models)

D. Study Models and Process


Desk Crits on Design story

Room Setup