DP02 SM2020 W10

Assignment 10.0

  1. Design a flower vase
  2. Create 3D printed model.
  3. Model scale to be within 2x2x5″
  4. Keep the model under $20.
  5. Bring the model to the next class.
  6. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to google drive.

Final Project for DP02

A Canopy Pavilion next to your ENV2 store

Conceptual Ideas:

Based on the inspiration from the field condition, create a canopy pavilion for your store.  The form of the canopy should relate to the brand and concept of your store.


You are required to present materiality and assembly of your canopy.  Think about designing the process of assembly and connection.  Exploded axonometric of the canopy assembly is required.

3D Printed Model

3D printed model is required for the final.  The model needs to be constructed from different parts for the efficiency of construction and assembly.

Tom Wiscombe / Dragonfly

Blow x Blow Deegan Day Design

Other Examples

Field Condition Lecture

Image result for field condition architecture drawing ...

Download lecture PDF here

Combination Methodologies

Rhino file


Framed Nests

Bar Base


Nested Honeycomb


Space Frame


Halftone Pattern



Vertical weaving


Angled Wall


Large Scale CNC

Tverrfjellhytta Consultants for Snøhetta. Surface modelling and CNC ...

Zaha Frame with fabric




Assignment 10.0

  • Collect 3 images that represent the Field condition
  • For each image, create a trace line drawing
  • Based on the line, produce an abstracted pattern drawings by understanding and extracting the essence of the pattern
  • Lay them out on 11x17in
  • Upload all 9 images to the Google drive


Assignment 10.1 Canopy Sketches + Sketch Models

Based on the inspiration from field condition, draw a lot of canopy sketches.  Based on a promising idea, build a physical model.  We will discuss the constructability of the canopy in the following week.


Assignment 10.1 Parts prototype for the canopy

Design a new process of digital fabrication by mixing more than 2 methodologies.  The size of the model is approximately 6 – 10 inch square cube, depending on the methodology.  This will be a prototype for your final canopy model.