DP02 SP2020 W13

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DP02 Final Project: Frozen Moment Lamp

  • Based on your analysis of the frozen moment
  • Build a story around the moment
  • Translate both form and story into the design
  • On an LED Puck, build a 3D printed lamp
  • The lamp needs to be built from more than 2 parts

  • Amazon Link
  • Don’t buy this if you have something you can use.
  • Size: approximately 4x4x6″

DP02 Final Presentation Requirements

  • Inspiration
  • Design Story
  • Process sketches / models
  • Final Sketch
  • In-Situation Rendering
  • Detail Renderings
  • Detail  / Exploded Drawing with Dimensions
  • Model Photos
  • Model Video On / Off
  • Live Video

Sample Presentation Format

ENV 2 Final

Twinmotion Video

  • A 60-second video walk-through of the space.
  • Video Motion needs to be extremely smooth
  • Constant eye-level
  • Do not turn around or move too much
  • Simple Music

Twinmotion Still Renderings

Please work with Bob on the image corrections

  • Day Exterior View
  • Night Exterior View
  • Entry View
  • Key Moments 1-4

Twinmotion Presenter

We will use Twinmotion Presenter for reference to go back to the space.  You can use still renders or your video instead.