DP02 SP2020 W11

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Assignment 10.0

  1. Design a flower vase
  2. Create 3D printed model.
  3. Model scale to be within 2x2x5″
  4. Keep the model under $20.
  5. Bring the model to next class.
  6. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

Show your model using zoom on the phone, if you don’t. have the model yet, show your rhino screen for the design.



Download Twinmotion from Here

Download Twinmotion Rhino Plugin from Here

  • Twinmotion direct Link for Rhino on Mac and PC.  Rhino version 5 and up.
  • Quit all other programs other than Rhino and Twinmotion.  Twinmotion is Memory intensive software.  You need to clear the memory to run the program.  Closing all programs, restart your computer, and open Rhino and Twinmotion


Rhino File Preparation

Download Sample File here

  • “SelCrv” to select all existing curves and “Hide”, also hide dimension “Seldim” and points “SelPt”.
  • Sort Objects in layers by material name

  • Twinmotion Options
  • Merge by material (best performances)



  • If it’s a new project select “New Project”
  • If it is a working file, select “Existing project”.  Always file Rhino and Twinmotion file in the same location to secure material and model loss.  Load your working Twinmotion file.


  • Materials by layers vs Merge by Materials
  • Assigning materials
  • Scaling and rotating
  • Sampling materials

Furniture and Objects

  • Placing and moving Furniture and objects
  • Save Your File (Mine crashed right here)


  • Placing Humans
  • Don’t render humans closeup

Tree and Landscape

  • Settings > Localization > Background > Picture > Countryside
  • Material > Ground Cover> Grass
  • Context > Vegetation Paint > Paint Trees

Rendering Still Image

  • Media > Image > Create Image > More > Camera Setting
  • Parallelism On
  • Export > Image

Frozen Moments Discussion

Final Project: Frozen Moment Lamp

  • Based on your analysis of the frozen moment
  • Build a story around the moment
  • Translate both form and story into the design
  • On an LED Puck, build a 3D printed lamp

  • Amazon Link
  • Don’t buy this if you have something you can use.
  • Size: approximately 4x4x6″

Assignment 11.0

  • Your Project on Twinmotion
  • Show a state of your project on Twinmotion next week on Zoom

Assignment 11.1

  • Pick your own frozen moment and clip the video
  • Write 3 beautiful things about the particular moment
  • Frozen Moment Lamp Sketches
  • Frozen Moment Digital Sketch Models