DP01 SP2020 Week15

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DP 1 Final Requirements

Create a single PDF file and upload it onto the website.

  1. Plan Drawing with Dimensions and Labels
  2. Section Drawing with Dimensions and Labels
  3. Twinmotion Still Rendering 2 Exterior Context shot
  4. Twinmotion Still Renders 4 Interior Views
  5. Animation 60-seconds max

Charette A Beach House

Download Basefile

DP01 Assignment Uploads

Please upload all of the assignments on your page of the website by MIDNIGHT of Saturday, 5/2.  No late submission will be accepted.  Make sure each assignment is titled corresponding to assignment titles.  Grading will be based strictly on the works on the website.  A completion of 80% of the assignment is required for passing the class.  For all diagrams, please save as .jpg format and upload.