DP01 SP2020 Week12

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Assignment 11.0

  • Tiny House Redux
  • Create a house based on a concept word from
    • https://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-words.php
  • Have the house on a hill
  • Build Landscape around it
  • You will present this on Twinmotion Next Week.

HomePods Video Discussion

Advanced Modeling Techniques

A. Facets

Image result for nestle chocolate museum

Rojkind Nestle Chocolate Museum

B. Blend Shapes

Image result for anish kapoor

Anish Kapoor

C. Multiple Strings

Image result for oyler wu m&a

Oyler Wu / Density Fields

D. Caves


E. Twisted Steps

Image result for big scala



Assignment 12.0 Tinyhouse Redux

  • Render 3 exterior views including landscape
  • Render 6 interior views for day and night shots

Assignment 12.1 ENV1 Final Model on Rhino

Construct your ENV 1 final model on Rhino and have it ready to be seen

Twinmotion Interior Lighting

Landscape in Twinmotion

Rendering in Twinmotion