DP01 SP2020 Week06

The canopy is a 2-week project.  Please bring the following for the next week.

  • User Observation diagram
  • Program Analysis Diagram
  • Design sketches on pattern / texture / form
  • Progress Rhino Model

In-situation Rendering


Download  exercise file


In Rhino

  • In your Rhino model use Wallpaper command to place site image (color)
  • In render setting, use wallpaper as backdrop
  • Change angle of your model to match the view
  • Change camera focal length to adjust lens angle
  • Deselect everything and open property
  • (35mm for outdoor 17-24mm for indoor)

  • Adjust sunlight to same shadow angle in the render settings

  • Setup Ground Plane as shadow only
  • Control ambient lighting to bg image’s brightness
  • Renderas raytracing  and save as PNG


Midterm Review

      • W7 Thursday
      • Room 100
      • Spray Mount all of prints to Cardboard
      • Cut Cardboard to 29″x40″, and double-stick tape the tiles

Requirements: Download PDF here