DP01 FA2019 Week13

Course Evaluation

Assignment 10.1 Pavilion for ENV 1 shop

Design a pavilion in front of your ENV1 space on the sidewalk using the technique you learned in the class today.

Assignment 10.2

New Concert Hall Design in Nuremberg Envisaged as "House With Four Fronts", Courtesy of Topotek 1

ENV 1 final model + pavilion fully built on Rhino

ENV 1 final model built on Twinmotion with:

  • Texture
  • Context of the City
  • People
  • Lighting
  • Materials

Rendering Tips


  1. Use natural light to come into the space
  2. Scale the material properly
  3. Run materials directions properly
  4. Always Pack your assets in one place
  5. Use accent lights
  6. Find spectacular compositions
  7. Capture people in desired activity / behavior
  8. No human close-ups
  9. Use the Silhouette for people
  10. Find a spectacular composition

Desk Crits

DP01 Final Deliverables

ENV 1 Final Project

Put 1 to 4 into a single file PDF and upload it onto the website.

  1. Plan Drawing with Labels
  2. Section Drawing
  3. Twinmotion Still Rendering 1 Exterior Context shot
  4. Twinmotion Still Renders 4 Interior Views
  5. Twinmotion VR 3 Scenes on Youtube Playlist