DL03 2020 SM W05

Student Presentations

Assignment 4.0

  • Finalize God of Love diagram using Illustrator.
  • Create a 2160×1920 color PDF and upload to the class Google Drive.

Assignment 4.1

  • Illustrator self portrait a-la Shepard Fairey.  Follow the procedure for creating a Shepard Fairey-like image from a selfie.  2160×1920 color PDF (portrait/vertical orientation).  Upload to the class Google Drive.
  • Optional:  Print out each Illustrator layer separately (all have to be at the same scale) and cut out stencils from the prints.  Use your choice of variously colored media (spray paint, chalk, charcoal, etc.) to print the stencil and create a physical self-portrait.  Preferred physical size is 17×11 (portrait/vertical orientation).  Take a new selfie alongside your portrait and upload to the class Google Drive along with the original self-portrait.

Assignment 4.2

  • Read pages 14-43 of Design is Storytelling by Ellen Lupton.


What is a design story?

DESIGN is Storytelling by Ellen Lupton

Tools for designing, using narrative principles

  • Narrative Arc
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Storyboard
  • Rule of Threes

Conceptual Diagram

How to tell a simple story through a technique of simple cartoon?  In 2 to 4 frames, visually tell the story about your project (concept statement) in a straightforward way.

Download the Slides

Also on our Google Drive here.

Charette: LEGO House by BIG

Watch2Gether link here


Concept Statement by BIG

“Lego House is a literal manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the Lego brick – one that embodies the notion of systematic creativity and allows children of all ages countless opportunities to create their own worlds and to inhabit them through play,” said Ingels.

“At its finest, that is what architecture, and Lego play, is all about: empowering people to imagine new worlds that are more exciting and expressive than the status quo – and to provide them with the tools and the skills to make them reality.”


  • Translate the experience of the Lego House into a narrative format using the “narrative arc” from Design is Storytelling.
  • Identify and label the peaks and valleys of the story – the major events.
  • Illustrate the sequence of those events into frames of a storyboard.
  • Simplify and focus on the essence.
  • Evaluate the consistency of graphic language.
  • Package as a multi-frame diagrams.

Lego House Charette – Pinup


Assignment 5.0

Narrative concept diagram (1920×1080 color) of your ENV-3 project

Apply the tools from Design is Storytelling, what we did for the Lego House exercise, and the examples shown in class to your ENV-3 project.  This should be about communicating your concept for the experience.

Upload a 1920×1080 color PDF to the class Google Drive.

Assignment 5.1

Spatial concept diagram of your ENV-3 project

Create a simple, cohesive diagram or small set of diagrams to describe the spatial aspects of your ENV-3 project.  How can the tools from Design is Storytelling be applied for this purpose?

Upload a 1920×1080 color PDF to the class Google Drive.

Assignment 5.2

Tracing of a diagram from this pinterest page

Upload a 1920×1080 color PDF to the class Google Drive.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial on using the Illustrator pen tool