Weizi Song DL03

Final Presentation Board


Revised Facade Diagram

Extra Construction Detail Diagram Exploded Axon Diagram Revised Diorama Diagram


Final Presentation Video


Assignment 9.0

Assignment 6.0

Diagram for Pulp Fiction


Assignment 5.0

Narrative Concept Diagram

Assignment 5.1

Spatial Concept Diagram

Assignment 5.2

Diagram Tracing

Assignment 4.0

God Of Love Diagram

Assignment 4.2

Self Portrait




Assignment 3.0

Analytic – timeline

Assignment 3.1

Site Diagram Revision

Assignment 3.2

Tracing Diagram from Information Graphics


Assignment 2.0

Site Locating Diagram

Assignment 2.1

Site Analytical Diagram

Assignment 2.2

Tracing Diagram

Week 01

Assignment 1.1

Works of Pritzker Architecture Price Winners

Assignment 1.2

Places I have visited