DL03 2019 SM W12

Assignment 11.0

3 Diorama Axonometric drawings printed on 11×17

Assignment 11.1

Final Video Progress with placeholders

Section Perspective

Lecture Section Perspective


download sample file here


  • Find a good section cut, using clipping plane tool
  • Split the building in half (mesh won’t split)
  • Using “Section tool”, get section cut line
  • Using “trim tool” clean up the cutline to closed crv
  • “PlanarSrf” closed crv to make it into surface
  • Apply different color to the cut

Exploded Axonometric


  • Download Slides Here
  • Roundtable discussion on drawing type
  • Perspective view vs planometric view
  • Angle to be seen

Download Demo File Here

Design Lab 3 Deliverable for the final presentation (Bring all of updated version on W13)

  • Updated Site Diagram
  • Operative Diagram
  • Concept Diagram
  • Program and Circulation
  • Exploded axonometric
  • Section perspective
  • Scaled plan drawing (not plan render)
  • Concept animation 90 seconds max

Assignment 12.0

Exploded Axonometric Drawing printed on 11×17″

Assignment 12.1

Section Perspective Drawing printed on 11×17″

Assignment 12.2

Updated Animation Draft