DL03 2019 SM W11

Assignment 10.0

30-seconds Axonometric video.

Simple and clear text correctly.

Assignment 10.1

Draft animation of your entire project.

Diorama Drawing

Image result for big dry line

Slide Here

Download Demo File

Download 2D People


  • Clean Up the file
  • Set view to Isometric with a good visibility
  • Setup a composition
  • Intersect command to get intersecting lines
  • Contour lines if needed
  • Make 2D
  • Export Selected (No Scale)


  • Open file
  • Scale to page
  • Add Shading
  • Add colors
  • Add explanations

Video Editing

Download Elements Here

  • Open Premiere
  • With “Assembly” Tab, import all the elements
  • File – New – Sequence with this setting / HDV 720p30 (1280×720)

  • Import Music – Create markers for transitional points
  • Add real-life footages
  • Add text with Text tool
  • You can change text size and font using “Graphics” Tab

  • Create cross dissolve in between footages
  • Create ending
  • Fade out music and add endmark

  • File – Export Use this setting.

Assignment 11.0

3 Diorama Axonometric drawings printed on 11×17

Assignment 11.1

Final Video Progress with placeholders