DPD 2020FA W14

General Schedule

  • W08 Post-Midterm discussion / career talk
  • W09 Procrastination discussion / Group Crit
  • W10 Individual Crit / W10b Conner Kim Class Visit
  • W11 Individual Crit
  • W12a Design Final /
  • W12b alternate meeting time
  • W13a Design Story Final / Production
  • W13b Individual Crit
  • W14a Presentation Reharsal
  • W14b Final Presentation

Course Evaluation

Presentation Reharssal

Final Deliverables


Everyone Notes

Everyone will be reviewing everyone’s projects.  Please stay focused and pay attention to your colleagues’ presentation and write your thoughts on this document.

Assets Submission

All assets need to be submitted to Google Drive by Saturday of Week 14.

  • Final Presentation Slides PDF

  • Hi-Res Images as JPG or PNG

  • Video youtube link