DPD 2020FA W04

Assignments for W4

Site research package

  • -Scaled site plan with dimensions and area calculation
  • -Socio-cultural research, including demographics, history, neighborhood feel, and etc
  • -Site analysis, including sun study, traffic, views, and other information

Initial Space Planning

Produce 5 schemes of initial space planning.

  • Site condition
  • Circulation
  • Relationships between programs



Ideations Large Scale

5-10 models

Using the site model as a base, build a series of models which represents big design ideas. Find a quick methodology and material to make many iterations.



DPD W05 Space Planning



Space type and Size https://www.wbdg.org/space-types
typical room sizes in a house
programming for a hotel


Charette: Quick draw 10 variations of schematic floor plans

Image result for schematic floor plan sketch

Miro Board Link

Desk Crits


Week 4.5 Conversation Summary

Upload the Conversation Summary on Slack by Wednesday


Week 5


Programmatic Diagram / Plan drawings

3 schemes

PDF to share next week

Based on in-class charette, pick 3 programmatic ideas from the list, and develop them further. This time, you need to have a clear sense of the site.


Site Model

 Scale may vary

For Interiors:  Build a building envelope with windows doors and floors

For Architectural:  Site model.


Design Iteration 1


Based on your programmatic diagram, develop an interior or architectural model of your project.

Building a site model from Google Maps – Building Urban Context in Twinmotion