RI SM2018 Week05A

Student Presentation

Assignment 4.1 Chair Design Video

Produce a 30-second animation for your chair design

Upload the video on Youtube, and add link on your page


3D Printing



Digital Native


Waratah 3D printed Lamp


Creating a Vase


  1. Create a bounding box @3x3x6″ with “box”  and “DupEdge”.
  2. On top view, create a small circle near the edge of the bounding box
  3. Run “ArrayPolar” command (20 / 360) to create array of the circles
  4. Use “CurveBoolean” command to extract the edges of the array
  5. Copy extracted edges to Z direction 3 times (4 total)
  6. “Record History” and “Loft”
  7. Adjust scales of the sections


  1. For each section, offset each curve at 0.1″
  2. Draw “circle” to each offset curves
  3. “Record History” and “Loft”
  4. Adjust locations – bottom needs to be 0.1″ higher
  5. “PlanarSrf” to create bottoms for both inside and outside
  6. “Loft” to close the top
  7. Join the whole model – Check “Properties” to see if the model is “ClosedPolysrf”

3D Printing Checklist


Objects cannot be self-intersecting.  Use “ClippingPlane” tool to check

Open Object

Objects must be Closed Polysrf.  Make sure the object is closed.

If the object is open

  1. “Cap” command
  2. “ShowEdges” command and show naked edge
  3. “Patch” or “Loft” command to close open edge

“ExportSelected” as .STL file


Send a file to 3D Hubs

Assignment 5.0 3D Printed Vase

Due W6a Monday

Sketch and develop your own vase and 3d Print it via 3D Hubs