Peter Guren RI

Homework Week 6 – Chairs 2



Visiting the Space



Homework Week 5 – Chairs

Chair Goals:

Inspired by outdoor camp chairs that fold up

Image result for camp chairs

pros – SUPER COMFY, they are like hammocks but chairs

cons- SO UGLY

Solution- make a beautiful hammock style chair for the indoors.



Homework Week 4.5 – Vase (perfectly imperfect)

Homework Week 4 – Bus Stop Final

Homework Week 3 pt2 – Bus Stop Work In Progress

Homework Week 3 -Palm Frond Catching

 Homework Week 2

Incense Burner

Side Table


Homework Week 1

Folding Chair Hanging Basket Lamp with Plug Salt and Pepper Shakers Concrete and Wood Bookcase



Intro Photo – Class #1 – July 1, 2019

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