DPD SM 2019 W09

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How to get a job?

  • Internship – OPT – Employment – Visa support

1 Sending work sample 20mb / 20 paces pdf with resume and cover letter (email)

Sample 01

Sample 02

Sample 03

2 where to send?

3 who is looking?

  • Whoever has a opening position. It’s not only about your ability, but it’s also timing and availability. Send as many places as possible. Customize the email letter. Do not screw up names. Do not send as cc.

4 interview –

  • bring your full portfolio, paper, iPad, or laptop. Research the firm and sell your strength to the company.

Design Iterations – Desk Crits

Week 9.5

Create an individual work list on Slack for this week’s tasks

Week 10

Design Iteration for each student’s targeted goals.