DPD SM 2019 W08

Midterm insights

Group discussion of the insights from the midterm.  Presentation format?

Post midterm scheduling

Please build your schedule up to W12 until design final.

  • W08 design story
  • W09 career talk
  • W10 design iteration
  • W11 design final
  • W12 production 50% Final Board and Physical Model
  • W13 design story revisit
  • W14 final review

Use this form for scheduling


Design iterations (Intensity and commitment)


Between now and week 11, we will be focusing on the iterative design process. I’d like you to produce a huge volume of work in this 3 week period. The output format is up to you. If you are comfortable with the digital model as a development, that would be fine or you can choose physical models. Also, you may focus on one area each week to develop or work in all area every week for reviews.


For Week 08.5  Schedule

Create your schedule and upload it on Slack + Print big and post it on your wall.


For Week 9

Study Models (Digital or Physical)

  • Overall Scale
  • By Scene
  • Key Moments
  • Furniture and Fixture

Personal update

Depending on what your priorities are made clear about tasks and work on them