DPD FA 2019 W12

Underwater Restaurant by Snohetta

A. Rhino Model 100%


B. Renderings, one or two final renderings

You don’t have to have everything rendered, but you need to produce a few renderings with render style, scale figures, composite, and so on.)

C.  Final Board mock-up

Main Board 30×40″ InDesign

  • Design story
    • Theme research
    • Brand analysis
    • Site research
    • Diagrams
  • Design
    • Program Diagram
    • Section Perspective
    • Renderings in narrative format (Placeholders ok)

Sub Board 16×40″ InDesign

  • Materials
  • Furniture / Fixtures
  • Design Process (sketches/study models)

D. Physical Model

  • 50% finished
  • All Parts laser cut
  • 3d print and CNC submitted to 3d lab
  • Basic assembly finished

Desk Crits


Deliverables for Week 13

If you fail to deliver the following, we will not allow you to present it on week 14.

A. Presentation slide pdf

6 pages per sheet on 11×17 sheets printed
We will talk in-depth about your design story’s association with the final design. Please revise your slide presentation to connect with the current design.

A-1. Concept

This part should be edited from the midterm.  Your project has evolved in a different direction.  Also, you have a lot more design contents.  A ratio of concept to design is about 30/70%.

    • Theme research
    • Precedents
    • Target user / Brand / Existing condition analysis
    • Site research
    • Concept
      • Think really deep about what is different about your project from existing projects.
    • Diagrams

A-2. Design

The rule for design presentation is about going from general to specific  / outside to inside.  Also, it is extremely important to have a link between your concept and how your design is solving the issues.

    • Programmatic and circulation diagram
    • Plan and Section (perspective)
    • Exterior view
    • Form concept diagram
    • Interior views (design story / hero’s journey)
    • Materials
    • Furniture and fixtures


B. Final Model 80% finished

Bring 80% finished final model.  We will discuss the last touch to the model.


C. Diagrams

  • Conceptual diagrams
  • Programmatic and circulation diagram / exploded axo
  • Section perspective
  • Diorama
  • Form concept diagram

D. Drawings

  • Plan Drawing printed on 11×17 with title block
  • Section Drawing printed on 11×17 with title block