DPD FA 2019 W11

Design Final

  1. Rhino or Unreal Engine Loaded on your laptop
  2. Connect laptop to the TV
  3. Present your space as you did in the Hero’s Journey storyboard
  4. Overall View (Explain overall programmatic distribution)
  5. Arrival/facade
  6. 6 to 10 Key Moments

Rhino model should have:

  • All major elements designed
  • 3d Scale Figures
  • Basic Furniture and Fixtures
  • Basic materials assigned
  • Key moments views saved


For Week 12


A. Rhino Model 100%


B. Renderings, two final renderings

You don’t have to have everything rendered, but you need to produce a few renderings with render style, scale figures, composite, and so on.)

C.  Final Board mock-up

Main Board 30×40″ Printed full scale Black and White

  • Design story
    • Theme research
    • Brand analysis
    • Site research
    • Diagrams
  • Design
    • Program Diagram
    • Section Perspective
    • Renderings in narrative format (Placeholders ok)

Sub Board 16×40″  Printed reduced size @ 11×17 Color

  • Materials
  • Furniture / Fixtures
  • Design Process (sketches/study models)

D. Physical Model

  • 20% finished
  • All Parts laser cut
  • 3d print and CNC submitted to 3d lab
  • Basic assembly finished