DP02 SP2020 W14

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Meeting ID: 974 8545 8752



Presentation Order

  1. Bridget Fischer-Linkogle
  2. Jung Hee Hwang
  3. Ana-Paola Laveaga
  4. Crystal Li
  5. Isaac Xu
  6. Tim Lin
  7. Yizhou Lu
  8. Carl Rodrigues
  9. Kenji Taniguchi
  10. Jeremy Zerger
  11. Madison Zuch
  12. Lu Chen
  13. Jiaji Ding
  14. Kevin Evensen

Asset Collection

All assets need to be uploaded to Google Drive by Friday Midnight of Week 14


  • Final Presentation PDF
  • Hi-Res Photos of your final lamp
  • Hi-Res Renderings of your final lamp

Twinmotion Animation

Week 15 Class

Final Video Presentation

  • A 60-second video walk-through of the space.
  • Video Motion needs to be extremely smooth
  • Constant eye-level
  • Do not turn around or move too much
  • Simple Music

Final Renderings Presentation

Please work with Bob on the image corrections

  • Day Exterior View
  • Night Exterior View
  • Entry View
  • Key Moments 1-4

Office Hour

Class zoom will be open.  You can stop by and ask questions, or keep working on what you are working on.