DP02 SP2019 W10

Assignment 9.0

  1. Design a flower vase
  2. Create 3D printed model.
  3. Model scale to be within 5x5x2″
  4. Keep the model under $50.
  5. Bring the model to next class.
  6. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

Combination Methodologies

Rhino file


Framed Nests

Bar Base



Space Frame


Halftone CNC Vacuum


Facet Wall


Vertical weaving


Angled Wall


Zaha Frame with fabric


Parts Axonometric Exercise


Parts Axo Slide

Pixar Lamp Exercise

  • Download 3D model here
  • Set the view to Parallel mode
  • Copy the entire object to another layer
  • In the original layer, start separating pieces in different ways
  • Make sure direction of explosion has some rhyme and reason
  • Adjust your axonometric view and object placement to eliminate overlapping of objects
  • Make 2D, and correct lineweights

Final Project for DP02


Digital Fabrication Table lamp

Light Base from Amazon




Assignment 10.1 Table Lamp Sketches + Sketch Models

Draw a lot of table lamp sketches.  Based on a promising idea, build a physical model.  We will discuss constructability of the lamp in the following week.


Assignment 10.1 Parts prototype for the light

Design a new process of digital fabrication by mixing more than 2 methodologies.  The size of the model is approximately 6 – 10 inch square cube, depending on the methodology.  This will be a prototype for your final lighting model.


Also, build ENV2 model in Rhino and bring it to class.


DP02 FInal Wednesday, Week 13