DP02 SP2019 W07

Week 07

  • Bring your Midterm Model 80% finished
  • Plan and Section drawings
  • printed @ 1/4″=1′-0″ Printed on 11×17″

Resolution, pixels, and focal length

Image result for focal length interior


Rhino Render

Download Demo File

Download Human Scale Figure

  • Render and Materials Tab
  • Display Render and Materials Tab from the right
  • Setting up Materials
  • Drag and drop materials to objects or groups
  • Use Match button to match with an existing setting
  • Ground plane setting
  • Texture Mapping
  • Environment
  • Rendering

In-situation Rendering

Image result for road side

In Rhino

  • In your Rhino model use Wallpaper command to place site image (color)
  • In render setting, use wallpaper as backdrop
  • Change angle of your model to match the view
  • Change camera focal length to adjust lens angle
  • Deselect everything and open property
  • (35mm for outdoor 17-24mm for indoor)

  • Adjust sunlight to same shadow angle in the render settings

  • Setup Ground Plane as shadow only
  • Control ambient lighting to bg image’s brightness
  • Renders raytracing  and save as PNG

LAB Session


Midterm Deliverables for DP2

3/8”=1’ facade detail model


Week 08

The class will not meet on Wednesday afternoon.  Combined Midterm on Thursday morning.