DP01 FA2020 Week10

Assignment 9.0

  • Build 50 objects
  • Scale needs to be right

Assignment 9.1

  • Tiny House Remix
  • Design a house based on a concept word from
    • https://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-words.php
  • Sketch your concepts
  • Design the house around a single concept and omit some functionality.
  • Put all of your 50 objects in the house
  • Show your sketches (Miro) and Rhino Model during the class next week.



Rhino to Twinmotion Tutorial

Twinmotion Landscape

Twinmotion Rendering

Group Crits: Tiny House Remix

Assignment 10.0

  • Tiny House Redux
  • Have the house on a hill
  • Build Landscape around it
  • Post Images on the Miro
    • Concept sketches
    • Render 4+ exterior views
    • Render 4+ Interior views
    • Each view needs to tell a story