DP01 SP2019 Week02

Review of W01 Assignments

Assignment 1.1

Create 5 objects around you

Notes on Posture



Let’s adjust the chair

Student server

  • Dropbox
  • \\edustore
  • Organize your folder by year/term/class/Week
  • 2013/Spring/DP01/W01

Rhino Basic Tutorial 02

Download Tutorial File Here


Free Modeling Tutorial

Download Tutorial file here

Crown Lecture



Assignment 2.0 Crown

  • Find inspiration for your own crown
  • Sketch 10+ based on your inspiration, scan the sketch and upload to website
  • 3D model your own crown, and upload 3+ images to the website

Assignment 2.1 Everyday Objects

  • Model 3 everyday objects based on knowledge you learned in the class today.
  • Upload images to the website