Ana-Paola Laveaga DP01

Renderings on Unreal of ENV1 Final Model:
Tiny House: Yoga Studio! (images include more of the 50 objects)

Tiny House on Rhino:

50 Objects for Tiny House / Studio Apartment:
Rendering of ENV1 Midterm Model:

Waffle Model: Duckling
Ideation of Pavilion:

user observation diagram . program analysis diagram . design sketches on patterns/textures/forms . plan
Original Version of Pavilion:
Final Version of Pavilion:
Sketch Ideations of Form and Texture Inspirations for BioMorphic Tents:
BioMorphic Tents

Disney Hall Visit: Frank Gehry Inspiration

Original Design for Frank Gehry Assignment (fixed this below)
Corrected Frank Gehry Inspired Building:

More Everyday Objects: Kitchen Bar Edition

Sketch Ideations for Crazy Crown

Original Rendering of Crazy Crown

Updated Version of Crazy Crown
Five Everyday Objects:
Tea/Coffee cup . Coffee/Tea Press . Fun Glasses . Mechanical Pencil . Brass Spoon
Objects to go in Studio Bathroom

See’s Site Renderings (progress: still needs refinement)

Rendered See’s Site in Progress