DL03 2020 SM W12

Assignment 11.0

Exploded isometric video for your project.  (30 seconds)

Assignment 11.1

Final animation draft 01 with placeholders

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Final Requirement for DL03

A comprehensive video package which includes the following:

  • Brand live video
  • Conceptual 2d motion graphics
  • Design and form concept (Operative diagram)
  • Site
  • Exploded Isometric
  • Flythrough with Plan info

Max length: 3:00

Additional Ideas for the Movie Elements

Operative Diagrams

Plan Diagram on fly-Through

Site Diagrams

Google Earth Pro

  • Creating pins for locations
  • Turn off labels
  • Record a tour
  • tools – moviemaker

Desk Crits

Presentation Board Design


Download slides here

  1. Flow of information
  2. Hierarchy
  3. Alignment and spacing
  4. Design element to drive layout
  5. Plan / Section rules
  6. Graphic language

1920x1080pix Horizontal Format

  • Updated Site Diagram
  • Operative Diagram
  • Concept Diagram
  • Program and Circulation
  • Exploded axonometric
  • Section perspective
  • Scaled plan drawing (not plan render)

For W13

Animation Final Draft

Presentation Board Draft