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DP01 SP2018 Week05

Assignment Review

Assignment 4.1 Five Biomorphic Tents

Download Human Scale Figure

Using the technique of Zaha Hadid you have learned in the class, design a tent.  The design of the tent should reflect the organic and biomorphic aspect of Zaha’s design.

Here are several notions to consider:

  • Structure vs surface – integrated or separated
  • Overall smoothness and flow
  • Materiality
  • Opening created by the movement of the form

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4.0 and Archviz

Open Epic Games Launcher

  • Sign up for a new account
  • Login, Logout, and Relaunch

  • Go to Unreal Studio and sign up for Unreal Studio
  • Go back to Unreal Engine, log out, close program, and login again.
  • Make sure Unreal Studio Beta is ACTIVE.

  • Launch Unreal Engine 4.20.3
  • Go to “Marketplace” and search “xoio”
  • Download Xoio Berlin Flat
  • In “Library” Inside of “Vault” “Create Project”

Project Location for Unreal Engine

  • All of your file needs to be in the same location.
  • Saving at student server is a very good idea (so that you can access from any pc in school).

  • Interface Basics
  • Navigation
  • Move Speed
  • Immersive Mode
  • High Resolution Screen Shot
  • Press “g” key to hide interface
  • Take Some other screenshots

  • Practice the same process with the “Zen Garden”
  • Navigate through the scene and capture 5 images.

Importing Rhino file to Unreal

Download Rhino Demo File

  • Rhino File needs to be organized into Layers
  • Launch New Unreal Studio Project “Blank”
  • Top Menu “Import Datasmith” / “Import CAD”

  • Read World Outliner
  • Read Content Browser
  • Content Browser / Add New / Add Feature or Content Pack / Content Pack / Starter Content
  • *If the contents are not loading, do this step (This is a program bug)
  • Save Level
  • Save Project
  • Close Project

  • Delete This file.
  • Relaunch Program

  • Drag and drop materials to your asset.

  • Changing Material Scale
  • Double Click material
  • Find “Texture Coordinate” (RED)
  • Press “apply”
  • Apply Grass Material to the ground and change Scale
  • Go back to Rhino and add something and SAVE
  • Reimport the file
  • “Build” and render some scenes.

Assignment 5.0

Watch these 2 videos

Assignment 5.0

Render Following Past Projects using Unreal Studio

  • 5 Objects
  • Gehry Building (5 Views)
  • Biomorphic Tent (5 Views)

*We will go over how to render crown on your head next week.