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DP01 FA2018 Week12

Assignment 10.0 Remix Tiny House

Completely redesign the tiny house and create a dream house for you.  The house needs to reflect your own character and personality.  Think about a story behind the design.


Assignment 10.1

  • Drawings of remix tiny house @1/4″=1′ printed on 11×17″
  • 2 Plans
  • 1 Section

Assignment 10.2

Rhino model of ENV 1 final project

Upper term students, email Yo about your final projects

Advanced Modeling Techniques

A. Facets

Image result for nestle chocolate factory rojkind

Rojkind Nestle Chocolate Museum

B. Blend Shapes

Image result for anish kapoor

Anish Kapoor

C. Multiple Strings

Image result for oyler wu m&a

Oyler Wu / Density Fields

D. Caves


E. Twisted Steps

Image result for big scala



LAB Session for the final Model

Desk Crits

Week 13 will be all Lab Session

DP01 Final Deliverables

Digital Presentation, using PDF on Projector Screen

  • Title
  • Concept Statement / inspiration
  • Sketches
  • Plan Drawing with Labels
  • Key moments (6+) Rendered views
  • Section Drawing