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DL03 2019 SM W05

Assignment 4.0

  • Finalize God of love diagram using Illustrator.
  • Print it on 22×17″ size format.

Assignment 4.1

  • Revise the site diagrams based on discussion

Assignment 4.2

  • Illustrator self-portrait

What is a design story?


DESIGN is Storytelling by Ellen Lupton


Conceptual Diagram

How to tell a simple story through a technique of simple cartoon?  In 2 to 4 frames, visually tell the story about your project (concept statement) in a straightforward way.


Charette: LEGO House by BIG

Concept Statement by BIG

“Lego House is a literal manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the Lego brick – one that embodies the notion of systematic creativity and allows children of all ages countless opportunities to create their own worlds and to inhabit them through play,” said Ingels.

“At its finest, that is what architecture, and Lego play, is all about: empowering people to imagine new worlds that are more exciting and expressive than the status quo – and to provide them with the tools and the skills to make them reality.”


  • Put the description into a narrative using a story arc diagram.
  • Illustrate the sequence of events into frames
  • Evaluate the story is exciting to hear
  • Think about story’s arc

Charette – Pinup


Assignment 5.0

  • Narrative concept diagram (11×17″ color)

Assignment 5.1

Spatial concept diagram (11×17″ color)

Assignment 5.2

Tracing of a diagram from this pinterest page