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Moving Images 2016 FA W06

Keyshot animation workflow

Download Rhino File

  • Preparing Rhino file
    • Remove all unnecessary objects from the file (Export selected for only needed parts)
    • Organize layers by material (Rhino)
    • Create parent layers for moving groups
  • Keyshot
    • Open Rhino file
    • Create a new camera
    • On the “Image” setting, lock your aspect ratio to 16:9 (i.e. 1280×720)
    • Assign materials if needed
    • Animating objects by applying “Translate” attribute from “Animation” menu
    • Animate Camera by applying “Orbit” and “Zoom” attributes
    • Move around camera for “before” position, and make sure to “update” camera
    • For animate out, right click each animation property and “mirror”
    • Render for mp4 file.
    • Add captions on AE

 Group discussion for Projection Mapping

Individual desk crits for project animations


Yo will be out.  Shin Fujita will come in and show demos of his method.   Also, there will be desk crit sessions for both individual and group.

W8 Midterm

Wednesday, November 2 @2pm @Room Annex A15

  1. Spatial concept Animation exploded axonometric
  2. Movie Quote Animation
  3. Projection mapping – bigger screen
  4. New concept animation