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Moving Images 2016 FA W02

AMG 2015SM W02

Assignment 1.1 – 2D Concept Animation Storyboard

Complete 30-frame storyboard for your animation.

Printed / drawn on 11×17″ sheet.

Assignment 1.1 – 2D Concept Animation First Draft

Pick 1 project, from previous term, and create a 10-15 of 30 second animation for your concept.


Pixar’s Storyboarding Process

Layer Types

  • Solid Layer
  • Shape Layer
  • Adjustment Layer

Stroke Effect

  • Prepare a illustrator file – draw a word with pen tool
  • In AE, create a new composition
  • Create a new adjustment layer
  • Copy and paste paths from illustrator
  • Effect – Generate Stroke
  • Click “all masks” in effect window
  • Change stroke weight
  • Animate by changing “end” parameter

Different text effects

Morphing Paths and Masks

How to change the shape using the slid layer and masks.

Concept Motion Graphics

Creating Base File in Illustrator

Download Link

  • 1920×1080 pixel
  • Create objects
  • Release to layers

Assignment 2.0

Do a tutorial on Mt. Mograph

Assignment 2.1

Short animation based on movie quote – Create a 20-second motion graphic based on a line from a movie.



Assignment 2.1

Concept animation progress