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Moving Images 2016 FA W01


Self-Introductions + Presentation of your own vision

Website Setup

  • 3 Website

    • Go to
    • Click on “Register”, check your email, open link, and  change to your own password.
    • I will change your account status to “Editor”

    Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.58.32 AM

    • Log into to the site again, using your new Username
    • Go to Pages / Add New
      • Create a new Page with title “Your Name DP01”  i.e. Yo Oshima DP01
      • Make sure you set “Parent” to “DP 01 2015FA Student Works”
      • Upload a Test Image.
      • Click Publish

After Effects Keyframe Animation Tutorial 01


  1. Create a new file on Adobe Illustrator @1920×1080(1080p)
  2. Create a few shapes, and put them in different layer
  3. In After Effects Import the file as “Composition – Retain Layer Sizes”
  4. Double click imported composition
  5. Composition menu – Composition Setting to change duration and background color
  6. Keyframe animation for movement(p)
  7. Keyframe animation for rotation(r)
  8. Keyframe animation for Scale(s)
  9. Keyframe animation for opacity(t)
  10. Evoking key framed parameter (u)
  11. Easy Ease – F9
  12. Graph Editor – Switch to Speed Graph

After Effects Masking

  1. Toggle Switches / Modes
  2. screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-40-32-am
  3. Bottom layer: what you want to show
  4. Top layer define mask area
  5. Create movement within the masked area

After Effects Export Settings


  1. Composition – Add to Render Que
  2. Quality: Best Quality
  3. Output module: Quicktime – Format Options – Video Codec H.264
  4. Output to:
  5. Render button
  6. Upload to Vimeo

Storyboarding a 30 second Concept animation


  • Overall story
  • Design elements
  • Scenes
  • Motion
  • Transitions
  • Mood
  • Music

Concept Animation Precedents

Pideo App- Jelio Dimitrov

Japan Strange Country – Kenichi


Assignment 1.0 – First Movie

Using the techniques from in-class exercise, create a 30-second animation using position, scale, rotation, and opacity parameters.  Upload the video on Vimeo, and link it to your page on the website.

Assignment 1.1 – Mt. Mograph Tutorial

Watch this tutorial and learn about keyframing and masking.

Post your movie on Youtube, and link it to your website


Assignment 1.2 – 2D Concept Animation Storyboard

Complete 30-frame storyboard for your animation.

Printed / drawn on 11×17″ sheet.

Assignment 1.3 – 2D Concept Animation First Draft

Pick 1 project, from previous term, and create a 10-15 of 30 second animation for your concept.