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DPD SP 2019 W10

  • W08 design story
  • W09 career talk
  • W10 design iteration
  • W11 design final
  • W12 production 50% Final Board and Physical Model
  • W13 design story revisit
  • W14 final review

HomePods Video

Design Final Format

  1. Rhino or Unreal Engine Loaded on your laptop
  2. Connect laptop to the TV
  3. Present your space as you did in the Hero’s Journey storyboard
  4. Overall View (Explain overall programmatic distribution)
  5. Arrival/facade
  6. 6 to 10 Key Moments

Rhino model should have:

  • All major elements designed
  • 3d Scale Figures
  • Basic Furniture and Fixtures
  • Basic materials assigned
  • Key moments views saved

Desk Crits

Setting up goals for next week