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DP01 SP2019 Week12

Assignment 11.1 Tiny House Remix

A major remodeling of your tiny house.  Put your 50 objects inside of the house


Assignment 11.2

Render Following Tiny House Remix using Unreal Studio


Unreal Engine for Tiny House Remix

  • Glass – In Rhino explode extrusions and join to convert to closed polysrf
  • Reimport using datasmith

Unreal Engine Interior Lighting

Image result for unreal engine interior lighting

  1. Adjust sunlight to come in from the window
  2. Place point lights
  3. Don’t put too many of them (6 for 1st floor / 4 for mezzanine)
  4. Adjust brightness and color of the lights
  5. Build – Build Lighting Only
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 until you get the proper lighting

Unreal Engine Trees

  • Download Open World Demo Collection
  • Add Open World Demo Collection to your project file
  • Create a new Level
  • Download and Datasmith import Rhino File or use your own file

  • Under “KiteDemo”
  • Drag and drop ScotsPine01 to your scene
  • It will get stack, but you just have to wait
  • After having one, You can drag your tree to Foliage area and start painting
  • Ajust minimum size and max size of the tree
  • Adjust paint brush size and paint density

Unreal Landscape Sculpting

  • From Manage Menu, Activate the new landscape
  • Sculpt the landscape by using the sculpt tool
  • Click to add Shift+click to subtract
  • Adjust tool strength and brush size

Unreal Engine Material Instance Creation


  1. Download a material
  2. Set your image size to 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024
  3. Save the diffuse image as psd (wood_Oak_D.psd)
  4. Filter / 3d / Generate Normal Map
  5. Save the normal image as psd (wood_Oak_N.psd)
  6. Filter / 3d / Generate Bump Map
  7. Save the normal image as psd (wood_Oak_B.psd)
  8. Save in your own folder


  1. Import the images to Original materials folder
  2. Duplicate an existing Material Instance (Dark Green)
  3. Replace Diffuse / Normal / Bump


LAB Session for the final Model

Desk Crits

Week 13 will be all Lab Session


DP01 Final Deliverables

ENV 1 Final Project

  • Plan Drawing with Labels
  • Section Drawing
  • Unreal Engine Interactive Presentation