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DP01 FA2018 Week07


Unreal Engine Trees

  • Download Open World Demo Collection
  • Add Open World Demo Collection to your project file
  • Create a new Level
  • Download and Datasmith import Rhino File or use your own file

  • Under “KiteDemo”
  • Drag and drop ScotsPine01 to your scene
  • It will get stack, but you just have to wait
  • After having one, You can drag your tree to Foliage area and start painting
  • Ajust minimum size and max size of the tree
  • Adjust paint brush size and paint density

Unreal Landscape Sculpting

  • From Manage Menu, Activate the new landscape
  • Sculpt the landscape by using the sculpt tool
  • Click to add Shift+click to subtract
  • Adjust tool strength and brush size

Desk Crit

Week 7

The canopy is 2-week project.  Please bring following for the next week.

  • User Observation diagram
  • Program Analysis Diagram
  • Design sketches on pattern / texture / form
  • Progress Rhino Model

Midterm Review

W8 Thursday, 11/1, 2pm sharp

Room 137

Requirements: Download PDF here

Spray Mount all of prints to Cardboard

Cut Cardboard to 29″x40″, and double stick tape the tiles

Requirements for Pavilion

  • 3 renderings
  • Sketches
  • Concept diagram