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DP01 FA2018 Week06

Assignment 5.0

Render Following Past Projects using Unreal Studio

  • 5 Objects
  • Gehry Building (5 Views)
  • Biomorphic Tent (5 Views)

Buy a portable SSD and store all files in it

Samsung T5 Portable SSD - 500GB - USB 3.1 External SSD (MU-PA500B/AM)

Amazon Link

Standard Material Folder

  • Under /3dStudents/00_Oshima_DP01
  • Download “materials_env” folder
  • Extract folder to your own computer

Opening Unreal File from file icon

  • To bypass Unreal Launcher, you can double-click the file and specify which app to open:
  • C/Programs Files / Epic Games / UE_4.0 / Engine / Binaries / Win64 / UE4Editor

Migrating Folder to your Master Project

  • Right Click “Content” on your content browser and “Migrate” your file to your master Project file

Studio Environment

Open Studio Environment Level

  • In this level, you can test different materials
  • Test several Materials in this level
  • Use this Level to render 5 objects

Material Instances


  • 3D Models have Normals, which is surface direction and strength
  • In Rhino, you can check the normal by typing “dir” and click to change normal direction
  • When the surface direction is not the right way, unreal won’t show the material
  • If that’s the case, edit the material and change the material to 2-sided material

Importing Background image

Use Rhino’s “Pictureframe” command to import image to your background save and import to your file.


So, we are making a pavilion for our midterm


See slides here

Canopy size: 16’x16’x12′

Location: Grass Area outside of cafeteria


Mindmapping – Concept – Programming – Space Planning

Design Setup – Discussion

  • Site:Grass Area outside of cafeteria
  • Canopy size: 16’x16’x12′
  • Program / User / Usage
  • Design:
    • Pattern / Texture
    • Form

Charette / Desk Crit

Week 7

The canopy is 2-week project.  Please bring following for the next week.

User Observation diagram

Program Analysis Diagram

Design sketches on pattern / texture / form

Progress Rhino Model


Midterm Review

      • W8 Thursday, 11/1
      • Room 137
      • Requirements: Download PDF here

      • Spray Mount all of prints to Cardboard
      • Cut Cardboard to 29″x40″, and double stick tape the tiles

Requirements for Pavilion

  • 3 renderings
  • Sketches
  • Concept diagram