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DP01 SP2018 Week04

Assignment 3.0

  • Visit Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA
  • Try
  • Take Photos and upload to the site

Assignment 3.1

  • Create 5 volumes using 3D box tool.
  • Arrange them in a dynamic way.
  • Use Boolean command to create interior space
  • Wrap the blocks with at least 20 Gehry style skin.

Assignment 3.2

Based on in class exercise, create your own 3D tile.  Upload JPG images on the website.

Yo is Traveling this week

Zaha Hadid







Loft Exercise

Download tutorial file

Assignment 4.1 Five Biomorphic Tents

Download Human Scale Figure

Using the technique of Zaha Hadid you have learned in the class, design a tent.  The design of the tent should reflect the organic and biomorphic aspect of Zaha’s design.

Here are several notions to consider:

  • Structure vs surface – integrated or separated
  • Overall smoothness and flow
  • Materiality
  • Opening created by the movement of the form
  • Draw a few inspiration sketches, scan, and upload to the website

  • Upload 2+ views each plus several views with all tents in the campground and upload them to the web page