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DP01 FA2017 Week13

Assignment 12.0

Build your current ENV1 model in Rhino.

Bring sketch model to the class.

Assignment 12.1

Finish your in class model, and render for VR.  For each finish, create 2 VR views, and upload it to the website.


Running VR on ENV1 Final

  • 4 Google (branded) Cardboards per student presentation.
  • 2 views on playlist
  • Save your partner’s playlist


Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Lab Session

For Week 14: Digital Presentation

  • 1 Exterior Rendering
  • 1 Floor Plan @ 1/4″=1′
  • 1 Section @ 1/4″=1′
  • 2 VR scenes on a youtube playlist