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DL03 2018 FA W12

Student Presentations

OMA / Seattle Library: Michelle / Armen

BIG / ST7: Weimiao / Jeffrey

Assignment 11.0

  • 1 Section Perspective of your current project
  • The section perspective needs to cut through the entire building
  • If you are not done with the design, use the framework of the building and replace contents later.

Assignment 11.1

Draft final animation.  Based on your storyboard, produce a concept animation for your ENV 3 project.

Ted Video on Information Graphics

Diorama Drawing

Image result for big dry line

Slide Here

Download Demo File

Download 2D People


  • Clean Up the file
  • Set view to Isometric with a good visibility
  • Setup a composition
  • Intersect command to get intersecting lines
  • Contour lines if needed
  • Make 2D
  • Export Selected (No Scale)


  • Open file
  • Scale to page
  • Add Shading
  • Add colors
  • Add explanations

Exploded Axonometric


  • Download Slides Here
  • Roundtable discussion on drawing type
  • Perspective view vs planometric view
  • Angle to be seen

Download Demo File Here

Design Lab 3 Deliverable for the final presentation (Bring all of updated version on W13)

  • Updated Site Diagram
  • Operative Diagram
  • Concept Diagram
  • Program and Circulation
  • Exploded axonometric
  • Section perspective
  • Scaled plan drawing (not plan render)
  • Concept animation 1 min max

Assignment 12.0

Exploded Axonometric Drawing printed on 11×17″

Assignment 12.1

3 Diorama Drawings of the key moments Printed on 11×17″


Week 12.5 or 13.5 To be discussed.