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DL03 2018 FA W10

Yo Will be absent, Please upload all the work on the website by the beginning of the class.  Yo will comment on your assignments.

Please go through the video tutorials and produce work for this week.  You don’t have to come to the class.  All the work is due Week 11.

Assignment 10.1 – Practice Animation

Pick any theme you like, and produce a 15-second animation.


Assignment 9.2 – 2D Concept Animation Storyboard

Complete 30-frame storyboard for your animation.

Section Perspective

Lecture Section Perspective


download sample file here


  • Find a good section cut, using clipping plane tool
  • Split the building in half (mesh won’t split)
  • Using “Section tool”, get section cut line
  • Using “trim tool” clean up the cutline to closed crv
  • “PlanarSrf” closed crv to make it into surface
  • Apply different color to the cut

Mt. Mograph Tutorial

Watch this tutorial and learn about keyframing and masking.

Post your movie on Youtube, and link it to your website


Assignment 11.0

  • 1 Section Perspective of your current project
  • The section perspective needs to cut through the entire building
  • If you are not done with the design, use the framework of the building and replace contents later.

Assignment 11.1

Draft final animation.  Based on your storyboard, produce a concept animation for your ENV 3 project.