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DL03 2018 SM W14

Course Evaluation


Design Lab 3 Deliverable for the final presentation (Bring all of the updated version on W13)

  • *Updated Site Diagram
  • *Concept Diagram
  • *Program and Circulation
  • Operative Diagram for Facade
  • Exploded axonometric
  • Section perspective
  • Spatial Concept diagram
  • Concept animation 1 min max

Uploading works and Grading

For grading, please upload all of the assignments on the website.  The deadline is Saturday, August 18 at midnight.  No work uploaded after the deadline is considered in the grading.

List of Assignments

Assignment 1.0


Assignment 1.2

A diagram of you

Assignment 2.0

Site Diagram (Urban) 11×17″ color print

Assignment 2.1

Site Diagram (Detail) 11×17″ color print

Assignment 2.2

Tracing Diagram

Assignment 3.0

Mapping time (Print @ 22×17″(double 11×17″) color )

Assignment 3.2

Tracing Diagram

Assignment 4.0

  • Finalize God of love diagram using Illustrator.
  • Print it on 22×17″ size format.

Assignment 4.2

  • Illustrator self-portrait

Assignment 5.0

  • Narrative concept diagram (11×17″ color)

Assignment 5.1

Spatial concept diagram (11×17″ color)

Assignment 5.2

Tracing of a diagram from this pinterest page

Assignment 6.0

Program diagram for your ENV 3 project.  Print on 11×17″ color, and bring it to class.

Assignment 7 Movie Diagram

Assignment 9.0

Operative diagram for your facade design, 11×17″ Printed

Assignment 10.0 – First Movie

Using the techniques from in-class exercise, create a 30-second animation using position, scale, rotation, and opacity parameters.  Upload the video on Vimeo, and link it to your page on the website.


Assignment 10.2 – 2D Concept Animation Storyboard

Complete 30-frame storyboard for your animation.

Printed / drawn on 11×17″ sheet.

Assignment 11.0

  • 1 Section Perspective of your current project

Assignment 12.1

Spatial Concept diagram Printed on 11×17″


Assignment 13.0

Exploded Axonometric Drawing printed on 11×17″

Assignment 13.1

Presentation board printed on 17×22″

…And One More Thing for W14

Create a diagram with all of the knowledge you learned from this class.  Topic can be anything.  Just surprise me.

Assignment 14.0

Final Animation